How do I purchase one?

Click on the image above - that is all.

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Each card comes with 4 secure web cam covers.  The covers  are on a business card sized sheet,  3.25 inches x 2 inches..  Also each card comes in a protective, clear sleeve so the cam covers are never harmed or damaged.  These are priced at the great value of $2.95 each.  Just click on the image that you want (above) and we will get it out to you today (or tomorrow).  Good value, lots of fun and VERY protective from unknown viewing eyes.  It is time to make sure that your laptops, computers, phone, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs are protected from prying eyes.

Removable and reusable, the stickers do not leave any residue behind and each one can be used hundreds of times.  Cost effective, these provide safety at a very inexpensive price.  These really are Stop Dotz.